Christmas Snowflake Campaign

This campaign occurs annually during the months of November and December.


“We invite you to make a donation in your name, in appreciation of someone special

or in loving memory of someone who passed away.”


2021 Campaign Donors:

In Loving Memory of Pius Pfeifer

In Loving Memory of Peter Doshen

Paul & Gwen Baskey

In Loving Memory of Bill Ripka

Brenda Zurowski

Dave Eckel

In Loving Memory of Gerry Nachtegaele

In Loving Memory of Tom Nykiforuk

Hermoine Martel

Rose Balfour

In Loving Memory of Emil & Julia Kalthoff

In Loving Memory of Dr. Lipsett

In Loving Memory of Thomas Paradis

In Loving Memory of Joseph St. Marie

Carmon Bastian & Frank Shumlich

In Loving Memory of Herb Dunser

James Loweryson

Vantage Chartered Professional Accountants

In Loving Memory of Herb Weinmeyer

In Loving Memory of Wayne

Dick Blom

In Loving Memory of Wilbert Basler

In Loving Memory of Christine L. Day

In Loving Memory of Louis & Ken Bertoia

Denise Huxley

Judy Ripka

Rose Fittkau

In Loving Memory of Eileen Provost Sr. and In Appreciation of Her Service to Her Community

W & L Houk

In Loving Memory of Dennis, Eva & Ralph 

Blair & Sharon Huard

Jim Nachtegaele

Theresa Windsor

David & Adele Wiegers

Brian & Irene Craig

Connie & Denis Carignan

Glen Gantefoer

In Loving Memory of Denis P. Delorme

Brenda Cholin

In Loving Memory of Lucien, Gabrielle, Delores Piche

Karl & Hazel Koch

In Loving Memory of Gil Belavance

Cletus & Donna Scherman

Cory Rideout

The Kochs

In Loving Memory of Melvin Menssa

Becki Schell

Kathy Sullivan

C. Gidych

Jacob Barker

Tom Hawboldt

Brandy Pyle

Karen Hrabinsky

Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services

Memorial Ed Weber

Memorial Lloyd Beckman

Memorial Helen Buchanan

Memorial Evelyn Nachtegaele

Len & Jacquie Pawlus

In Loving Memory of Raymond Shaw

Mrs. Valerie Taylor

In Loving Memory of Omar Shokeir

In Loving Memory of Joe & Christina Baart

Tropical Inn North Battleford

Barb & Joseph Beloin

Elwood Fuchs

In Loving Memory of Ron Budd

In Loving Memory of William Wintonyk

In Loving Memory of Linda Schwab

Allak Consultants Inc.

The Sisters of Presentation

Judith & Joe Fransoo

Floyd Desmarais

Joyce Vany

Norma Klassen

Leslie Olson

Allen & Laura Davey

Dennis Fabris

Ultra Print Services Ltd.

Darcy Elias

Doris Daniels

Susan Velder 

* * Anonymous Donors * *




Kindness Is Like Snow


Snowflake Campaign 2021

November 1, 2021

It was been a beautiful autumn and soon snowflakes will begin to fall. These are challenging times for us all and we hope you're keeping your spirits up the best you can. Many in our communities are struggling and reaching out to Catholic Family Services of the Battlefords for help. We are here for everyone and continue to serve our communities.

Clients have offered these words about their experience with Catholic Family Services:

I learnt that ther are people out there that are willing to listen and be there as a support, that I am not alone

Participating in this group was such a wonderful experience. I was able to share and learn from not only the facilitators but the other participants. The discussions were invaluable and the best part about the group. It was easy to attend because it was virtual. It was a comfortable experience attending from your home or wherever you need to be and easy to share because of the confidentiality. I feel so good about myself after attending the group and mental health has improved greatly. I encourage anyone who is interested to sign up and try it out, you might be surprised by how much you enjoy the group and how much you learn and take away from it. The sessions are flexible and can be tailored to yours and the group's needs.

Counselling gave me tools and trust I needed in myself to move forward. I appreciated the safe neutral space to reflect on my feelings. It was very professional and helpful.

Our usual fundraising events continue to be on hold. Now, more than ever, our communities need us and we need you.

We invite you to make a donation in your name, in appreciation of someone special or in loving memory of someone who passed away. Please see the attached form to donate. We will honour your donation on our Facebook page if you like. Also a Special Thank You for the Christmas Snowflake Campaign can be placed on our website: You will receive a charitable tax receipt. All money raised from our Christmas Snowflake Campaign will be used to continue our mission to be open to all and build a community where every person can reach their full potential.




Mail to:

Catholic Family Services of the Battlefords, #101 1272-101st Street, North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z8


Call to Donate:

(306) 445-6960   Fax: (306) 445-0434


E-transfer to Donate: with comment: Snowflake


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