Family Preservation Program

This program is offered in partnership with the Ministry of Social Services. The objective of the Family Preservation Program is to provide direct, intensive support services to individuals and families whose children would otherwise require immediate out-of-home placement to ensure their safety and protection.


Services provided are intensive, short term interventions.The objective is to have children remain safely in the parental home while work is carried out which will move the family toward adequate, independent functioning.

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Family preservation program


 " I wanted to provide you with an idea of just how thoroughly the Family Preservation Program and Catholic Family Services have made significant and enduring positive changes to my family's life.

I am a single parent. I was burnt out and overwhelmed and struggled so much with the day-to-day things that it was hard to be objective and know what to do next or what steps to take to get us back on track. We lost so many things and were all affected emotionally by the stress of everything.

The wonderful staff from Catholic Family Services helped us rebuild our lives! A thank-you is not enough for everything that was done for us and with us, that now we can do on our own."      

- Testimonial