Children Exposed to Interpersonal Violence Program

Offered in partnership with the Ministry of Justice, this program offers prevention, intervention, and therapy in the form of counselling, group support and educational presentations. This program is for children and youth who are, or have been, exposed to violence which may include: bullying, dating violence, sibling violence, or family violence. The program is aimed at providing children, youth, and their families with the knowledge and skills to prevent violence and to address the immediate and long term effects of violence.

Banana Splits

This group's goals are to:
  1. Give children a safe space to express their feelings 
  2. Teach positive coping skills
  3. Build upon self-esteem
  4. Strengthen interpersonal communication.

Relationships That Rock

This group explores dating relationships, those with parents, friends, teachers, bosses, etc. We will discuss the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships and identify various forms of violence. Participants will look at how self-esteem, self-image, personal boundaries and feelings are linked to our relationships. The group will learn effective communication, conflict resolution skills and how to identify an appropriate support system.

Group content is always modified to be age appropriate.


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The Domestic Violence Treatment Option

The Domestic Violence Court (DVC) is a therapeutic court that addresses domestic violence and offers the Domestic Violence Court Treatment Option. The DVC Treatment Option allows those who are willing to take responsibility for their actions, who elect to plead guilty, and who will receive a sentence that does not include jail time, to complete a counselling program for domestic violence and address any substance abuse problems they may have. Domestic Violence Courts are located in three Saskatchewan cities: Regina, Saskatoon and North Battleford. “Saskatchewan Law Courts” web page for domestic violence courts is at:











Children exposed to interpersonal violence program


" I learned about how to handle relationships that aren't good and about how to be kind to people."

- Testimonial