• We see the love that grows when people believe in each other. We see the strength people feel when they believe in themselves.

  • The inuksuk is a symbol of our interdependent responsibilities to create a better way for all of us.

  • It is our privilege to share in the lives of the families we serve.

  • Consider the ripple effect that one person's healing journey can have on family members, friends and the community at large.

  • "I am on a healing journey to wholeness that I could not have travelled alone."

  • "I entered Catholic Family Services with a cloud of darkness overshadowing my life and discovered a beacon of light."

Catholic Family Services of the Battlefords Inc.

We offer professional counselling and support services to families in the Battlefords and surrounding area. Our purpose is to assist individuals and families to build on their strengths and find positive ways to understand and act when faced with challenges in their lives. We are a non-profit charitable organization operating under a volunteer Board of Directors. We offer service regardless of religious affiliation or economic situation.

Upcoming Programs & Events 

FASD Research: Learning Together

— FREE Collaborative Workshop —

August 29-August 30, 2016

This unique event invites families and people living with FASD to talk to researchers who want to learn where there should be more research and policy action related to FASD. This is a great opportunity for people in Saskatchewan to share this information with them. The event is free if you register.

Registration is limited and will close by August 1st 2016. If you can't make it to the event, the researchers are able to collect your feedback beforehand. 

Event Information and More

Celebrating 25 Years of Service 

to Families in the Battlefords 
November 4th 2016

The Battlefords and Area Community Threat Assessment and Support Protocol

Catholic Family Services is one of the partner agencies to this protocol.

"Ensuring safe schools
requires far more than just
violence threat
risk assessment procedures.
It requires evidence based, preventative Safe School Climate initiatives,
strong student/staff relationships, ongoing training and refining of all policies, procedures and protocols that promote
social responsible behavior."
Kevin Cameron, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response

For a photo of all the signatories,
click here.



Parenting Together - Knights of Columbus

Congratulations to all the parents and caregivers
who completed the Parenting Together class in May 2016!
It was a great class with lots of sharing throughout. 
Students celebrated with a graduation meal and a smudge. 

Parenting Together is based on The STEP - Systematic Training for Effective Parenting programs which are research-proven and make a difference in families. The class covers the following topics:

 Understanding Yourself & Your Child
 Understanding Beliefs & Feelings
 Encouraging Your Child & Yourself
 Listening & Talking to Your Child
 Helping Children Cooperate
 Discipline That Makes Sense
 Choosing Your Approach. 

The class will be offered again in the Fall of 2016!
Contact us if you are interested.